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Northstar Security

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The Local Calgary Security Company

Why You Need To Choose NorthStar Security

We Are Calgary’s Security Systems Company For Home & Business

  1. We are Calgarians, too.
  2. We are a locally-owned and operated company. We live and work right here!
  3. Our Partners Award Us
  4. We are Liberty Security's #1 dealer, we also work with Monitronics Canada, the nation's leading monitoring service
  5. Licensed & Accredited
  6. Every associate has their own license and are accredited in Calgary to work here!

We've Installed Over 10,000 Systems

Impressive, but Important?

We’ve been working hard to earn the trust, respect and appreciation of people from Calgary to Edmonton! This is our neighborhood and we care for it.

Yes, we've installed and monitored a lot of systems, but what makes it inmportant is that we have an extremely high retention rate, extremely happy customers and stay busy to this day!

What does that mean for you?

You get a great local company that has the technology and support systems to handle any type of job from a little house to a large commercial building but we still give you the respect and support you'd expect from a smaller company.


Some Of The Equipment We Use Is Pretty Cool

These Are High-Tech Security Pieces

Like We Say

Our Customers Really Tell It Best.

Date: Sep 8, 2017
Great company, great services, reliable. What ever the case is the job is always done the best way possible.

Tycee R.

Calgary, AB

Date: Aug 30, 2017
Great business always willing to work with what ever needs and necessities you may have. Have never had a service as good as this!!! Thanks guys!!!

Angie Turner

Calgary, AB

Date: Aug 22, 2017
Really great customer service! Love this system, met all of our needs. Way better than our previous system.

Meet Some Of Our Team

We Are Working Hard To Keep You Safe

The Story of NorthStar Security

Jonathan Boyd Tells Why He Started The Company

Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan Boyd. I am one of the owners of NorthStar SECURITY in Calgary.

Not only do I absolutely love being one of the owners of this company I also love being the local security company offering the type of local service and care that expect and deserve.

I have been in the security systems industry for over 12 years and I have experienced a lot in this industry. I even sold security systems as a college intern in the United States.

Over time, I searched for companies that were more focused on customers rather than aggressively focused on sales. During this time I partnered with Liberty Security because of their focus on customers. That, and they are headquartered just up the road in Edmonton, AB.

Partnering with them was such a breath of fresh air when compared to my previous experiences in the U.S. As different as night and day when it came to working with them because they were more customer focused than sales driven.I gained an even stronger passion for the systems that I was selling in my backyard.

Today, Northstar Security is an official dealership of Liberty Security. In fact, we are the largest one and most successful by far. Now, I can’t take much credit for this, because it is a team effort and really, it is because of our fantastic customers!

We continue the tradition of running an integrity-focused security systems company that cares about each and every home and business we secure. At the end of the day, we make sure our customers get the best deal possible and that we go home feeling good about the relationships we have created with our neighbors.


Our Company History

NorthStar Security are your local neighbors in Calgary, AB that work hard every day to be the best security solutions company. We are not trying to be the biggest security company in Canada, and we are not trying to get the most customers in Canada. Instead, we are endeavoring to become the best security solutions company for people in Calgary.

Our company history started long before we officially became Northstar Security. The experience that we have gained and is needed to run a security system company comes from years of experience in the industry. We have that and use it to your advantage.

We officially became northstar Security back in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. Our company has become a trusted brand among our customers and we really enjoy providing the type of security that keeps them safe, gives them that irreplaceable feeling of being safe, and giving extra convenience for your everyday life in your homes and businesses.

Our company has a great future ahead with you! We will continue to innovate and stay up to date with the latest technology that you need and deserve. We are going to continue to partner with the best in Calgary so that our customers will always get high quality and local care. Call me, Jonathan Boyd, today. Let’s see how we can make your home Northstar secure!

Home Security Systems Partners


Liberty Security

We are an official dealership of Liberty Security. We work hand in hand with them to provide the best possible security systems and services to our neighbors.

They have been business since 2005 and have earned an A+ BBB rating. We love being apart of Liberty Security as an official dealer. Because it gives you, our customer, the best of both worlds: the strength of a very large company and the nimbleness of a local company.


Monitronics allows our company to confidently offer the highest quality 24/7 monitoring. Monitronics is a leader in the security industry. They currently serve over one million customers from individual residential homeowners to large commercial businesses.


We have partnered with eWebify to handle all of our website and online outreach efforts. If you are experiencing any difficulties with our website or would like to see additional information or pages here please contact them at support@ewebify.com. Thanks for visiting our site!

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