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We have received 37 Reviews, Averaging 4.97 Stars!

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Home Security Systems in Calgary, AB

We've Set Up Thousands Of Home Automation Systems!

Does Your Home Run Automatically?

  • Do you still use keys to get in, even when that can be circumvented with a bump key?
  • Do you still have to turn the car around to close the garage door?
  • Can you turn all the lights out from the office, or even your bedroom?
  • Do you still have to peep through the hole when someone knocks on the door?
  • Do you yet need to get up to turn the thermostat up & down to stay comfortable?

Does all this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We Can Automate Your Entire Home Life!

When You Think Of Easy, What Comes To Mind?

How about “no sweat” or “piece of cake”?

What about, “I pushed an imaginary button on my phone and the whole house lit up, the heat was turned to the right spot and the garage door knew I was coming and opened up?”

That’s easy. As a bonus, we can make that happen super fast, too.

Like tomorrow.

new northstar home security video monitoring

The Future Is Now.

People have been talking about these things for decades, and now they are a reality.

Imagine how awesome it will be if your lights come on while you are on your way home to great you cheerily at the end of a long day?

Or, if someone rings the bell when you are at work, you can seen, and talk to, them from however far away?

We Are Calgary's Home Automation Experts.

NorthStar Security has been helping the homeowners and business owners of Calgary secure their homes for years.

Everyone knows that. But we have also quietly been leading the evolution of home automation in Canada.

We create more smart homes than anyone else in the industry.

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Here Are Some Home Automation Benefits

1. Automatic Lights. No More Wondering.

2. Automatic Heating & Cooling

3. Integrates Seamlessly With Our Security.

4. Monitor For Frozen Pipes, Lights Or Intruders

5. Answer The Door From Miles Away

6. Open or Close Your Garage Door Wherever You Are

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Recent Reviews

Bee K.

Calgary, AB

Date: Aug 19, 2020
Jon is always available to help with any issues. Great service. Superb system. Very happy with our decision to use Northstar Calgary for our retail security needs.

"Great Service. Superb System."

Graham Rice

Calgary, AB

Date: Jun 30, 2020
Our house was broken into while we were sleeping. Our dog was the hero that night, but we could not sleep another night without more protection. We called Jon and he had us set up that day. Their technician stayed until 9 pm to get it done, and we slept all night.

"Had Us Set Up That Day."

Jamie Wiebe

Calgary, AB

Date: May 18, 2020
We needed a rush job and they rearranged their schedules to get us in right away. The installer was also great! I couldn't recommend them enough!!

"I Couldn't Recommend Them Enough!!"

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We Also Have An Easy App

It Help With Every Aspect Of Home Automation

The Cost Is Reasonable!

Home automation isn't just for the super-rich anymore. We've made it possible that everyone can enjoy a smart home with a reasonable cost.

Call Northstar Security to get a free estimate quote to determine the cost for your home.

The same promise our founder has for security applies to home automation:

Our Schedule Fills Up Fast

So Call Soon To Secure Your Spot!

Why Is A Smart Automated Home Important?

Sure, all these bells and whistles sound fun, but do they ever give you a return on that investment? Sure they do.

By being able to monitor and turn on/off your lights and your heating, you save energy. Saving energy means saving money.

In fact our thermostat makes it so you don't even have to mess with it. It learns your patterns and knows when you are home or not adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Making sure your garage door is closed will keep intruders out of an easy target.

Locking and unlocking your door from cities away ensures only the right people can get in. You can even be able to see who's at the door. This protects your property, saving you money.

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